The Development Center for Asia Africa Pacific (DCAAP) is a Manila-based global training, research, development and consulting firm that specializes in Inner Human Development Management (IHDM). From 1995 to 2005, over 1100 managers and staff from almost 230 organizations in 39 countries in Asia, Africa and the Pacific have already benifited from our training courses. Most of our participants were funded by UN, WB, and ADB. Almost all of DCAAP's courses were rated by the participants excellent or very good in a 5-point scale.

DCAAP also provides other services that include inter-country research, publications, consultancy and study tour.

DCAAP participants who have previous training in US and Europe claimed that our courses are indeed down-to-earth, doable and highly relevant to the needs of the developing countries. Many come because they were told by our previous participants: " If you want to learn, go to DCAAP." We also bring participants to tourist, cultural and historical attractions to enjoy their stay in Manila.

Our courses are handled by a pool of experienced resource persons/facilitators who have field experience on managing development projects in various countries in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. They are professionals who are cooperative and understanding in dealing with participants.

OUR Values


Our vision is to be the leading training organization in human development management (HDM) that develop Development Managers for the global village.


Our mission is to work closely with the United Nations (UN) and other international and national organizations in developing Development Managers (DMs) through training, research, publication and consultancy.


Our goal is to develop a moving force of socially and environmentally conscious Development Managers that is dynamically responsive to the over changing needs in Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

DCAAP Clients

Our DCAAP clients include:

  • Government organizations
  • People's organizations
  • Local government units
  • Academic institutions
  • International funding agencies
  • Business firms
  • Spiritual organizations


  • 2012 PMPC Education Exellence Award
  • 2013 Gloden Dove Awardee for Development Education